A worker sitting on a steel bar

Dubuque Iowa Client Back Injury Settled Successfully

The client sustained a low back injury while working for a health care provider in Iowa. Her Iowa workers' comp claim was filed and vigorously pursued by the Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. As a result of the injury the client had to undergo back surgery in an attempt to help her with the injury.  She obtained minimal relief from pain and limited improvement in function as a result of the injury. The Pothitakis Law Firm hired a vocational expert to provide an opinion as to how the injury affected the client's ability to return to the Iowa work force.  A second opinion was also obtained to further buttress the extent of the injury and the limitations that would be placed on the client for the remainder of her work life. The case was settled shortly before a hearing that was set with the Iowa Workers Compensation Commissioner for $425,000.

Awarded: $425,000