• Client Testimonial: Shana Boulton
  • Client Testimonial: David Roth
  • Niko and his firm are highly rated by both former clients
    I injured my back at work, and was unable to return to my job. My employer's Workmen’s Comp. insurance company initially paid for the first few things that they were supposed to cover, but then cut me off as far as payments and communication, and left me hanging. I was getting nowhere with them for weeks, and that’s when I contacted Nicholas Pothitakis. Niko and his firm are highly rated by both former clients, and his peers in the legal world. After our initial consultation, and me deciding to go with him, he immediately went to work for me. He and his staff kept me updated with the progress they were making, explaining to me, each step of the way, what was happening, and if I had any other questions, I would email them, and every time, without fail, I would get a swift answer or explanation! Niko ultimately obtained a fair and just settlement with the Workmen’s Comp. insurance company for me. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to call Pothitakis law firm.

    - Craig H.

  • Thank you Pothitakis Law Firm!
    I work in health insurance and still had difficulties navigating the complexities of a subrogation claim with 2 med pay policies after our son’s injury. Niko and his team did all of the heavy lifting. They followed the medical notes to ensure our son received proper care, made sure all the medical bills were paid by the proper parties, made numerous phone calls and settled everything with our private medical plan. They made the situation far less stressful for our family. Niko negotiated a very fair settlement and worked hard on our behalf. Thank you Pothitakis Law Firm!

    - Kelly A.

  • I liked Niko's attitude and aggressiveness.
    Taking the case as far as possible, but knowing when to settle. Ann was great to work with, very good at her job. Kayla was also great to work with, did a very good job.

    - S.B.

  • To the point and honest.
    Niko was always to the point and honest about [my case]. Very courteous staff. Always able to speak with me and prompt on returning my calls. Thank you.

    - C.L.

  • Niko was very professional and took the time to explain everything so I understood.
    He kept me updated on everything. He did an awesome job for me! Couldn’t have gotten near what I did without his help! His staff is so nice and helpful too. Great place to go!

    - S.D.

  • He is friendly and knowledgeable.

    I would recommend Pothitakis law firm to anyone needing an injury or workers compensation lawyer. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Mr Pothitakis is an excellent lawyer. He explained everything so that we understood. He is friendly and knowledgeable.

    - Cassandra B.

  • Niko was a huge help to me.
    Niko was a huge help to me. He talked me through the process and told me what to expect. His staff is wonderful to deal with. I would not hesitate going with Niko. If you get injured on the job don’t 2nd guess yourself in hiring an attorney. Make sure you do it and make sure you don’t pass up Mr.Pothitakis! You want this guy by your side every step of the way!

    - Brian H.

  • What a wonderful and pleasant firm to work with.

    What a wonderful and pleasant firm to work with. Had issue with getting answers from company and work compensation insurance, so I called Niko and things went smoothly from there. Highly recommend thie firm.

    - Brian W.

  • There isn't a better team around to help you, if you need it.

    Any and all issues I had with a work related injury was take care of with this awesome team. Niko and his team should be the first choice in the area for anyone suffering from a work related injury. He took care of us and answered any questions we had. His staff was immediate with responses to any question. There isn't a better team around to help you, if you need it.

    - Daniel M.

  • Communication was fast and easy with the firm.
    We are very happy that we decided to use a lawyer in our case. Made the situation more manageable. Also very happy that we choose Pothitakis firm as the experience was positive. Communication was fast and easy with the firm. We kept in contact over many months and any time I had questions someone from the team answered my emails quickly. I am happy with the result of our case, and I appreciate their help in a stressful situation.

    - Raquel A.

  • If you are looking for help, trust Niko and his staff!

    Niko, has a plethora of experience in his field. He represents his clients with the utmost knowledge and compassion. Always professional, personable and caring. The associates and staff at the firm are always courteous and helpful. If you are looking for help, trust Niko and his staff!

    - Zebulon B.

  • My son grew up happy and went to college.
    I do not know anything about this business but I will tell you what I do know about Nico. He took a case for me.

    In 1990 he took a case for me after hearing my stotie with no payment down he went into court andI had my son who was 2 at that time returned to me later that day. His father had taken him and when I tried to deal with the situation with the local police in Ft. Madison I was told it was a.civil matter.
    From the bottom of my heart Nico Thank you. My son grew up happy and went to college .

    - Cynthia W.

  • Thank you again for everything!!

    Going to Pothitakis Law was my first experience dealing with an attorney. Needless to say, I had a lot of questions. I really didn’t know what to expect but I cannot say enough good things about the entire law firm. Everyone there was so awesome at keeping things orderly and professional. No matter how many times I emailed or called them, they always got back to me right away. Even when I stopped by the office unexpectedly, Niko came out to talk to me. Sometimes it seemed as if they worked seven days a week and around the clock. My case was a bit of a drawn out complicated one but I always felt that I knew what was going on and what to expect next. Everyone there really made me feel as if I was there only client and I always felt that Niko had my best interest in mind. He was very straight forward and honest. There is a reason he has so many awards hanging around the office. He truly is amazing attorney. I’ve already happily recommended a couple of friends go speak to him after telling them how happy I was with the outcome he got me. Pothitakis law will always keep you protected and help you every step of the way. Thank you again for everything!!

    - Mike B.

  • Thanks again for everything.

    I am from North Carolina and I was looking for a firm to represent me with my workers comp case. I came across this law firm and felt I would be represented to the fullest. Niko and his team went above and beyond of what I expected. I would urge anyone who have been hurt on the job, to give the Pothitakis Law Firm a chance to represent them. I can assure you, that every question you have will be answered, and every phone call will be returned. He will fight to the very end and make sure you are happy with the results. In my case , this is exactly what happened. After 3 1/2 years, I ended with a settlement that I was extremely happy with. I wanna thank, Cindi and Kayla, who are also apart of the Pothitakis team. They made sure that all lines of communication were open and were very professional throughout this process. Thanks again for everything.

    - Derwin W.

  • Highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with a workers compensation case!

    After my back injury I had no idea what to expect. I called Pothitakis Law Firm and they helped me with advice until the time came that I needed surgery and it didn't look like I was going to get it. Niko signed me up and went to bat for me. Not only did he get me the surgery I needed to get my quality of life back, he continued to fight for me so that I got a fair settlement. His office was always responsive, polite, and willing to take time to answer my questions. Highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with a workers compensation case!

    - Ryan G.