Top Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For Workers Comp In Iowa

It is beneficial for people hurt at work to retain a lawyer for workers' comp in Iowa when they attempt to file for their compensation. Below are the top reasons to hire a workers' compensation attorney.
People who are injured on the job may find themselves rendered unable to work anymore. After a workplace injury, victims might be left temporarily disabled or permanently disabled. Regardless, if they suffer an injury that causes them to miss time from work, accrue hospital bills, or suffer any other consequences, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Employer Intimidation

Sometimes, employers don’t want to give victims the money that they are entitled to when they are injured on the job. They might not want to have their insurance premiums go up. Therefore, they might try to intimidate or otherwise discourage employees from filing claims or try to pressure them into agreeing to unfair settlements. These low settlements may be insufficient compared to the mounting costs after a workplace injury. A lawyer for workers' comp in Iowa can help employees ensure that their rights are not violated and that they receive fair compensation for their claims.

Know Your Rights

There are various types of common work injuries for which workers can receive workers’ compensation. Some of the most common injury causes include falls, traffic accidents, machinery accidents, physical assaults, repetitive stress injuries and environmental health hazards. While some of these types of accidents might exhibit immediate systems and need immediate attention, such as falls, traffic accidents, physical assaults and machinery accidents, others tend to develop over time and might not be discovered for months or even years down the road, such as repetitive stress injuries and environmental health hazards. Regardless of the type of accident that employees are seeking compensation for, employers may sometimes try to deny perfectly valid workers’ compensation claims. A lawyer for workers' comp in Iowa can help make employees aware of their rights under law. For instance, it is against the law for employers to retaliate against their employees for filing claims against them by firing them, discriminating against them and so on.

Appeal Previously Denied Claims

Even people who have already attempted to file workers’ compensation claims on their own and had their claims denied might still be able to receive the compensation that they are entitled to with the assistance of a lawyer for workers' comp in Iowa. Lawyers can help employees appeal previously denied claims to get their medical and financial assistance that they need.

Retain a Workers' Compensation Attorney With Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C.

The Pothitakis Law Firm P.C. is dedicated to helping its clients get the workers’ compensation benefits that they are entitled to. We will fight aggressively to help you win your case. Our team of workers' compensation attorneys is highly experienced at handling workers’ compensation claims. They have the experience necessary to help gain clients settlements to cover medical bills and other financial needs. People who are injured on the job shouldn’t just sit back and suffer or accept settlements that aren’t adequate to cover the costs of their injuries. Contacting the Pothitakis Law Firm P.C. will help individuals win their workers’ compensation claims. Our firm can assist people in filing their claims as well as negotiating settlements for them.

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