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Proving Your Condition Or Injury Is Work Related

Iowa's Workers' Compensation Attorneys - Pothitakis Law Firm Under Iowa law, if you are injured or develop a medical condition from your employment, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, you are also required to prove that your condition or injury is in fact work-related before you receive those benefits. While most of the time proving such is straightforward, other times it can become complicated. Because establishing that you have a valid work-related illness or injury is required to receive benefits, it is important you know what methods you have at your disposal to prove your claim and expedite the process. Medical Professional Testimony The best and most efficient way to prove that your condition or injury is the result of employment is via medical professional testimony. This can involve one or more medical professionals overseeing your care that can not only speak to the extent of your injuries or illness, but also demonstrate how your job was the cause of that illness or injury. For example, if you suffer from an injury that occurs from years of overuse of a particular part of the body - and not an acute or sudden injury - your physician can testify that activities within your scope of employment are likely the direct cause of that injury. Witness Testimony While not as reliable as medical testimony, the testimony of a witness from your work can also help prove your claim. If the fellow employee was present when you were injured and can testify that you were on the clock at the time, it may help substantiate your claim. Also, other employees may suffer from similar injuries or conditions from their employment. If they too suffer from a similar condition and have medical proof that the condition was work-related, such as being exposed to a toxic chemical on the job, it may help substantiate your claim. Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney The best way to prove that your employment caused your injury or illness is to hire an attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation claims. An attorney can help collect the necessary evidence and prove that your condition is work-related by: Locating video evidence (if applicable) Compiling medical records and evidence Interviewing employees and former employees Investigating OSHA violations and other complaints at your place of employment Speak With Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. Now Regarding Your Claim If you have been injured at work and you are unsure how to prove that your injury or illness is work-related, speak with the attorneys at Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. today. We can help prove that work-related activities caused your condition or injury. We know what type of evidence is required in these types of cases and we know how to obtain that evidence to substantiate your claims. To learn more, contact us online or call (319) 318-0450 to schedule a consultation with an attorney. Be the first to comment!