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Injured On The Job In Iowa Call Pothitakis Law Firm For Help

If you were injured on the job, got that injury taken care of, yet are still feeling pain and discomfort, Nicholas Pothitakis from Pothitakis Law Firm can help you receive the Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve.

At one point in his career, Niko Pothitakis represented a man who sustained a hernia injury from being involved in a work-related accident. The Claimant underwent surgery to fix the damage but was still experiencing chronic pain and discomfort.

Having had a bad experience with his previous lawyer, the Claimant then turned to Pothitakis Law for assistance. Soon afterward, the insurance company covering the Claimant’s Iowa Workers’ Compensation case contacted Pothitakis Law Firm to attempt to settle the case without going to trial. However, the amount offered to the Claimant was not sufficient for his needs; therefore, the Claimant and Pothitakis Law decided to continue forward with the hearing.

This action from the insurance company is frequently seen when an insurance company feels that the Claimant has a solid case. In an attempt to get the situation over with quickly and to save themselves financially, insurance companies will often offer a settlement that is insufficient yet seems to be reasonable. Had Niko Pothitakis not been representing the Claimant, he could have taken the settlement offered by the insurance company and not received the financial support that he deserved.

As the hearing of the case progressed and a decision was made, it was decided that the Claimant was now 100% disabled as a result of his at-work injury. Due to this decision, the Claimant would now be entitled to weekly Workers’ Compensation checks for the rest of his life along with having the insurance company pay for all of his medical care with regards to this injury. This decision was valued in excess of $450,000.

Had the Claimant tried to take on his former employer and the insurance company alone, there is no telling what the outcome of this case could have been and what he would have ended up settling for. When you find yourself in a sticky situation with regards to Iowa Workers’ Compensation, contact a trusted law firm to lend you a hand.