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Iowa Workers Rights In The Wake Of Coronavirus

Workers across the world are now dealing with the coronavirus, which is now affecting policies in every area of life. You may already be concerned about stay-at-home orders, testing, and layoffs. Now, though, you may be concerned about your Iowa workers’ rights in the wake of coronavirus.  While much is still in the air, there are plenty of questions to ask. For example, many people are concerned about caring for their family financially if they get sick. If you’re concerned about your family, make sure you know your rights and how an Iowa workers comp lawyer can protect those rights. 

Workers Comp Benefits for Contracting Illnesses

Many people are now considered “essential” workers, which means you may need to work even as the coronavirus spreads. You may be in a position where you’re working directly with potentially sick people. This is especially true for healthcare and grocery store workers, who may only have so many protections against the coronavirus.  Because of this, you may be exposed to this disease in the course of your work. Typically, you wouldn’t receive workers comp benefits for a virus, like the flu, but COVID-19 is more severe than the flu. Because the disease has spread so widely and the situation is so different, you may be eligible for workers comp benefits while you’re sick. 

What Happens if I’m Denied Workers Comp Benefits? 

Many people are now staying at home, being laid off or furloughed, or have contracted COVID-19 during the course of their jobs. Sadly, many people who file for workers comp benefits may receive denials for their claims. That means you may need to take your claim to a contested-case hearing.  It’s difficult to say what your rights are as a worker when you’re in such a different, unprecedented situation. That’s why you may need an Iowa workers comp lawyer in the wake of the coronavirus. Eligibility rules may change over time, and you may need someone on your side to ensure your employer and the insurance company are respecting those rights. 

Talk to Your Iowa Workers Comp Lawyer about Benefits after Contracting COVID-19

When you’re sick because of the coronavirus, you may be unsure what happens next. Because the virus is so new, experts are still determining the long-term effects of COVID-19. Your health is on the line, and worse, you may not be sure of your Iowa workers’ rights in the wake of coronavirus.  At Pothitakis Law Firm, PC, we know that everyone is struggling and worried about the current pandemic. We understand that your health and your family’s health may be on the line if you don’t have the funds for care. Because of this, our attorneys are working hard to make sure you get the funds you need to help you through the pandemic.  If you’ve contracted COVID-19 and you’re worried about your finances and workers comp benefits, you have a chance to talk to an Iowa workers comp lawyer. They can discuss your benefits and what you can do if you’ve been denied. To take advantage of your free consultation, call (319) 318-0450 or complete the online form below.