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Trouble With Iowa Workers Comp Insurance Here Are Your Options

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may need help getting your life back to normal. Your injuries may be keeping you from working, and the medical bills are piling up quickly. Unfortunately, you may have trouble getting workers' compensation insurance—your employer's carrier may have already denied you workers' comp benefits for your injuries. You’re struggling to overcome your injuries and costs now.  That’s a difficult situation, but when you’re having trouble getting workers' compensation insurance in Iowa, you do have options. If you’ve been unfairly denied, or if you believe you’re not getting the workers' comp benefits you need, talk to your workers' compensation attorney about your opportunities for compensation. 

Taking Your Case to a Formal Hearing

First, keep in mind that the insurance company’s word is not always the final word on your case. The insurer can deny you a settlement, but you don’t have to accept that settlement if you believe there isn’t a valid reason for a denial. The insurance company or your employer may cite varying reasons for denying your claim. For example, they may claim pre-existing conditions, failure to file or report within the workers' compensation claim time limit, the injury does not qualify for benefits or did not occur due to your employment, your employment status does not entitle you to compensation. Instead of accepting their word, you can talk to a workers' comp lawyer about speaking with your employer and the insurance company. The first meeting may be informal. It’s a chance to discuss why your workers' comp claim was denied. However, that may not get you the results you need either—the insurer may still refuse your claim.  In these cases, you may need to file for a formal workers' compensation hearing. In a formal hearing, your Iowa workers' comp lawyer will represent you to the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commission. They oversee claims like yours, and they can decide whether you should receive benefits or to uphold the insurer’s decision. 

Settlement Disputes

When you’re having trouble getting workers' compensation insurance, you may be concerned about when and how you’ll get the funds you’re due. Typically, your workers' compensation disability benefits will be paid monthly. But, when you’ve had to take your claim to court to get your benefits, you may seek out other options.  For example, you may want to get your workers' comp benefits in a lump-sum settlement. You have the chance to do so, but at a cost. You may be unable to seek future benefits from a recurring injury, for example, after you accept a lump sum. The insurance company may adjust ongoing benefits to adjust for changes in your status or needs. Talk to your lawyer about the best option for your workers' compensation claim. 

How a Lawyer Can Help With Trouble Getting Workers' Compensation Insurance in Iowa 

When your Iowa workers' comp insurance claim is denied, it can make your life a lot harder. You’re just trying to recover from your work injury, but the adjuster doesn’t seem interested in helping you get compensated for your injuries. That could mean major out-of-pocket expenses and serious losses, which affect your ability to support yourself and provide for your family.  If you’re having trouble getting workers' compensation insurance, your options are better when you have a lawyer from Pothitakis Law Firm, PC on your side. We can help you seek compensation, starting with a free consultation about your injuries and losses.  If you’re having trouble with your case, reach out to an Iowa workers' comp lawyer. Call us or fill out the online contact form below to get help seeking your benefits.