Does my traumatic brain injury count for a workers comp settlement

Does My Traumatic Brain Injury Count For A Workers Comp Settlement

If you sustained a head injury in a workplace accident, your suffering may qualify for workers' compensation for a traumatic brain injury. When you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, it’s already tough enough to get treatment. You may need special medical care and emergency surgery to help your situation. Worse, you may have been at work at the time, and now you’re worried about getting a Des Moines workers' comp settlement.  Often, this depends on the details of your work accident.  Luckily, you have the opportunity to seek help when you’re struggling to get compensated for your losses. A Des Moines workers' comp attorney can help you determine whether your claim counts and how you can seek help. 

Brain Injuries on the Job

Brain injuries can happen any time you suffer trauma or force to the head. Falling objects, a slip-and-fall accident, a car crash, or any other blow to the skull can cause trauma to the brain.  Your TBI can vary in severity, but any brain trauma can make it difficult to work. A mild concussion can make it difficult to focus, remember things, or even stay awake. A severe TBI can cause a loss of motor control and other vital functions.

Workers' Compensation for a Brain Injury

Because these injuries can be so severe, you need benefits that cover all your losses. But what should your Des Moines workers' comp settlement include?  Your first thought may be your medical bills. You could be paying for treatments like brain surgery, rehabilitation, and therapy for years without benefits that cover your medical expenses. If you become unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to your traumatic brain injury, you can recover temporary or permanent disability benefits. You may also be due workers' comp benefits that cover your wages. These benefits cover a portion of your wages, depending on how long you’re unable to work and whether you’ll be able to return to work once your injuries have improved. If you are unable to return to your previous field or position, you can recover benefits for job rehabilitation in the form of new training or education. 

What if My Des Moines Workers' Comp Settlement Is Denied? 

Unfortunately, you may have reported your brain injury, but your employer’s workers' comp insurer has denied your claim. Now what? You’re not out of options.  Your workers' comp lawyer can help you seek compensation through an appeal. When you appeal a workers' compensation denial, you will do so through a hearing. Your attorney can present evidence to the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner that you were injured at work and are due compensation. With the right experience and resources on your side, you have a chance to recover the maximum compensation available for your accident.

Talk to an Iowa Workers' Comp Lawyer About Your Traumatic Brain Injury

If you’ve suffered a TBI on the job, you may be eligible for compensation that covers all your losses and suffering. Even better, you don’t have to determine whether your traumatic brain injury counts for a  workers' comp settlement without help.  The workers' compensation lawyers at Pothitakis Law Firm, PC are here to help. Take advantage of a free claim consultation by calling (319) 318-0450 or completing the online contact form below.