Rear End Auto Accident Results in Large Settlement

The Pothitakis Law Firm was contacted by C.T. and C.M. concerning an auto accident that occurred in late 2018. C.T. and C.M. were waiting to turn on a highway when another car struck them from behind. The collision resulted in fractures and chronic headaches for C.T. and an arm fracture and surgery for C.M. In addition, C.M. sustained a laceration to her mouth.
Initially, there was a question as to whether the negligent party had permission to drive the vehicle and had insurance coverage. Without permission and without insurance coverage, there would likely be no recovery for the Plaintiffs. Fortunately, the Pothitakis Law Firm was able to confirm and convince the insurance carrier that coverage applied and that the significant damages were the responsibility of the automobile insurance carrier.

The Pothitakis Law Firm initially assisted C.T. and C.M. in making sure that all of their bills were submitted and paid by medical payment coverage as well as their own health insurance. This resulted in a significant benefit to C.T. and C.M. in that the bills would be paid and no longer outstanding and they also would be reduced from the charged amount to the contracted amount paid by their health insurance.

After negotiating for several months, Pothitakis Law Firm was able to obtain a significant offer from the insurance carrier for the settlement of the claims. Because health insurance had paid for the medical expenses, under their contract, they had the right to be reimbursed. Pothitakis Law Firm contacted the health insurance carrier and negotiated with them to reduce the amount that they would require back as part of any settlement. This resulted in significant additional monies being put back into the pockets of C.T. and C.M.

As the Pothitakis Law Firm instructs all of its auto injury clients, it is very important to turn all bills for medical care into health insurance and to their own auto insurance medical pay coverage before negotiating with the negligent party’s insurance carrier. Ultimately, the Pothitakis Law Firm’s job is to put as much money as possible in the pocket of our injured clients. We do this by using a number of techniques with respect to negotiating the claim as well as negotiating the amount of any funds that have to paid back to health insurance providers.