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How Long Do Permanent Partial Disability Benefits Last In Iowa

After receiving your approval for your benefits, you may be wondering, “how long does permanent workers' compensation disability last?” Although you might have been injured in a work accident, your injuries might not be severe enough to leave you completely unable to work. The damage is permanent, but it doesn't stop you from working. You should still receive workers' comp benefits, but how long do permanent partial disability benefits last in Iowa? You should have coverage that meets your unique needs. If you're concerned about the amount of disability benefits you'll receive, you'll need to calculate the total value of your benefits. If you believe you're receiving less from your workers' compensation award than you should, reach out for help from an experienced work injury attorney.

Maximum Benefits in Iowa

When you're injured, you might be able to receive certain workers comp benefits to cover partial disability. Partial disability means you're returning in a diminished capacity, and these benefits should continue until you've reached maximum medical improvement. When an injury occurs to a specific location, these benefits have a predetermined schedule, or time limit, to how long you'll be covered. For those suffering a permanent partial disability, you'll receive up to 500 weeks of benefits for your suffering. However, each injury type will have a different worth, which your employer's insurance company will calculate. This partial disability benefit should cover the time you're healing and on light duty. If you're transitioning into a less strenuous position, you may receive your compensation while you're unable to return to work. If you're not sure what your maximum benefits are for your injury, you'll need to speak to a lawyer about your work comp benefits and their total value.

Getting Benefits for Your Needs

In some cases, you might feel as if you're not getting the benefits you need for your job injuries. You likely won't receive maximum benefits if you didn't experience a full loss of use, so the insurance provider might only give you a certain percentage of what your claim is worth. For example, let's say you lost some use of your thumb. For a full loss of use of your thumb, you could receive sixty weeks of permanent partial disability benefits. However, any loss of use doesn't mean you're automatically entitled to sixty weeks. For example, the insurer might determine that you only lost half the use of your thumb, which means you'll receive thirty weeks of benefits for your loss. This can mean a huge difference in the funds you need to continue supporting yourself and your family. If you believe your partial disability benefits were improperly calculated, enlist the help of a work comp lawyer.

A Lawyer Can Help You Maximize Your Benefits

When you’re having difficulties securing partial disability benefits, you might need a lawyer from Pothitakis Law Firm, PC for your claim. We understand how difficult even a partial disability can be to recover from, and we know that it can often be overwhelming to secure the full benefits you deserve. That's where our attorneys can step in. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll work to understand your unique situation and explain how we can help you overcome any disputes. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call at (319) 754-6400 or fill out the online form below.

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