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How To Prove That Your Injury Is Work Related

You know your accident happened at work, but now you'll need to know how to prove your injury is work-related. When you're injured on the job, you'll need your employer to work with you and provide the workers compensation benefits you need. Unfortunately, you might have already received a denial and a reason for that denial: Your injury wasn't work-related. Appealing your workers' compensation claim denial can be tough, and you'll need to know what evidence to bring before you get started. Fortunately, you'll have a chance to challenge the denial and get the full benefits you deserve after your work accident.

Seek Medical Care Immediately

One of the most effective ways you can avoid a denial that disputes whether your injury is work-related is by seeking medical care immediately after the accident. Although it may be too late to do so, requiring a hospital trip is a strong sign that you were injured as badly as you say you were. Medical exams can be used to your advantage during an appeal, even if you didn't go to the doctor immediately. Your doctor is a professional, and that means that his or her opinion about what caused your injury will be respected. For example, let's say you slipped and hit your head. Your doctor might examine you and find that you suffered a concussion. Even if your employer denied your claim, your doctor has diagnosed you, and they know that your head trauma was caused by an impact to your head. Because your doctor understands your injury well, he or she might be able to help support your claims in a hearing.

Visual Evidence Can Help

Once you've gotten information from your doctor, you may need to speak to your employer or your fellow employees. Eyewitnesses and proof of the accident can help you build your appeal and obtain your workers' comp benefits. For example, let's say you fell at work and didn't go to the doctor right away. Your fellow employees might have witnessed the accident and their accounts can support your story. Likewise, many businesses or workplaces have cameras placed around the site. These cameras reduce instances of theft and other crimes, but they can be used as evidence for your claim, too. In your accident, you might have been caught falling on camera. Between your doctor's assessment, the eyewitnesses, and the video footage of your fall, you should have a better chance of getting your workers' compensation denial appealed.

Gathering Evidence with a Lawyer

If you're not sure how to prove that your injury is work-related, it might be as simple as gathering evidence to support your claim. Unfortunately, a serious injury can make it difficult or impossible to gather that information. You're struggling with the consequences of your accident, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed by your denial. Fortunately, a lawyer from the Pothitakis Law Firm, PC can help. You'll need someone on your side who understands how to get your denial appealed and can help you secure your rightful workers' comp benefits. Starting with a free case review, we’ll work diligently to get you back on the road to recovery with the funds you deserve. Ready to get started? Reach out to us today by calling (319) 318-0450 or by completing the online form below.